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Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing

The beauty of Festa System structural glazing lies in its strength, allowing  large architectural aluminium installations without the limitations imposed by other framed systems. FESTA System UK uses the SentryGlass® inter-layer, a pioneering technology from Pilkington and DuPont.  Our architectural glazing is five times stronger and up to one hundred times stiffer than conventional laminating materials.

― Structural Glass

Structural glazing offers complete design flexibility to provide architects and designers with a broad range of applications to bring the most innovative and cutting edge architectural glazing projects to life. The images below show the type of large structural glazing projects that get our creative juices flowing. The architects and designers demonstrate finesse in technical detailing to capture the beauty of structural glass and its value for the inhabitants of these beautiful homes. Our extensive knowledge and experience of structural glazing applications combined with expertise in incorporating the latest innovative architectural window systems, allows FESTA System to engineer creative solutions to bring your technical glazing projects to life.

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Image Credits

Image 01 – Photograph by Thomas Debruyne; Architect: Govaart & Vanhoutte Architects.
Image 02, 03, 04 and 05 – Visuals by Numa; Architect: Strom Architects
Image 06 and 07 – Photographs by Imagen Subliminal
Image 08 – PCKO and MOFO Architects

― Curtain Wall Construction.

The curtain wall glazing system gives architects and designers the ability to design stunning glass facades that can be used safely over large areas. Technological advancements in curtain walling put you in control of every aspect of the construction including thermal efficiency, sound absorption and security. The variations in colour, light and glare inspire the designer to create something spectacular and unique.

A structural glass curtain wall is different every time you look at it as it takes on the reflections of the environment.

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― Architectural Glazing Solutions

Festa System is an architect-led manufacturer of bespoke structural glazing systems. Extensive experience in specialist glazing solutions from both the designer and installer perspectives gives us a unique insight into the endless glazed design possibilities. Our frameless glass solutions meet and exceed the exacting requirements of the most ambitious architect.

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Case Study: Our recently completed Woolfox Project