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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding patio doors are an impressive solution for residential and commercial projects. Configurations are available from two to six doors providing flexibility for a variety of design applications. Ease of access, increased natural light and sleek aesthetics are all key features of our slimline sliding door range. Combining the benefits of a large picture window and outstanding thermal efficiency FESTA System’s own sliding door offers minimal sightlines.

― Festa Slide ASE 60/80.HI Design

As the first aluminium sliding system on the market providing both sliding and lift-and-slide functions, Festa Slide ASE 60/80.HI provides a new level of innovation.

Whether your glazing project demands outstanding thermal insulation to meet passive house standards, flexible use of multipurpose profiles, reduced frame widths or intelligent soft close sensors there are no limitations for your desired configuration.

With generous glazed unit sizes available up to 3.5 x 3.2m, you can experience a new spatial dimension in your living space. The interplay with particularly narrow profile widths creates transparency that blurs the boundary between inside and outside.

Please contact a member of our team for more details.

― Festa Panorama Slide ASE 67 PD

Creating individual living spaces and making dreams a reality poses new challenges for today’s architects and clients. A symbiosis of design, comfort and function is sought to bring the most demanding project into reality. The ASE 67 PD panoramic aluminium sliding system was specially developed to meet every requirement in terms of function, comfort and aesthetics. The level threshold ensures ease of access, while the outer frame can be perfectly integrated in the walls of the building. Combined with the narrow profiles, our slim framed aluminium sliding system allows rooms to be flooded with light for maximum transparency. With an interlocking section of only 31mm, the Panorama Slide ASE 67 PD system stands out with its minimal sightlines. Together with Festa’s Façade FWS 35 PD these systems combined offer endless design possibilities to maximise your views.

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― Hi-finity by FESTA System

Enjoy an infinite view with ultimate performance. The ultra slim design of the Hi-Finity aluminium sliding door by FESTA System creates large transparent surfaces with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This fully transparent and accessible sliding door seamlessly extends your home’s inside to the outside. Despite the minimal visual sight lines, the system’s high strength allows Hi-Finity to carry the weight of a large glass pane up to 750kg. Combined with high energy performance and minimalistic looks, Hi-Finity by FESTA System is an ideal solution for low-energy and contemporary architecture. Enquire now for full details on the Hi-Finity by FESTA to create a custom aluminium sliding door solution for your next project.

Please contact a member of our team for more details.

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